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We are sorry, but the Malabi Background Remover service is no longer available.

We would like to thank our loyal users for supporting us over the years and for helping us bring this amazing technology to the world.

We wish you all good health and prosperity.

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Automatically Remove Image Backgrounds Online

bulk background removal API software

How to remove the background of an Image

  1. Upload

    Drop an image that you would like to remove the background from at the top of this page or click the “UPLOAD” button located to the right of the dashed box and select a file from your computer. You can even drop several images at once for bulk background cleaning (up to 30 images at a time).

  2. Preview result

    The result will be automatically presented within a few seconds. The image will automatically get a white background, which can be replaced with a transparent background at the click of a button.

  3. Touch up

    If needed, you may manually touch up the result image by clicking the “TOUCH UP” button beneath it. In the editing interface which will pop up you may select areas of the image you would like to define as object or as background. You can also set the transparency and added shadow. Once satisfied with the results – click the “SAVE CHANGES” button.

  4. Download

    Click the “DOWNLOAD” button at the top of the page to download all images currently presented on the page.

upload stage- malabi
touch-up-stage malabi's background remover tool
editing_interface with malabi's app to remove photo background
download malabi's automatic background editor

Interactive Examples

remove background from image-Beforeremove background from image-After
ofice chairs before image background remover tooloffice chairs after image background remover tool
background editor-shoes before
chests before removal of background from imagechests after removal of background from image

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Why Background Removal?

A clear white background for a product image is proven to
background removal for ebay images

“Tip number 1 for a picture that sells:
use a plain, uncluttered backdrop

white background for pictures-amazon

“Background must be pure white

Why Malabi ?

automatic white background for pictures
Automatic and precise
Fast and easy remove image background
Scalable easy remove image background
Cost effective easy remove image background
Cost effective
Malabi API: Remove background from any Image online
Malabi API: Remove background from any Image online

Tips for the perfect Malabi picture

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