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We tried and tested other background removal software services

Ok, so now that we’ve established that white backgrounds are better for business, we face the fact that most marketplace users don’t have access to white backdrop studio photography. Chances are they’re going to upload images captured from their smartphone camera.

We asked from a few graphic designers to check 2 tools for background removal (Clipping Magic and Bonanza’s Background Burner), compare them to Malabi and write a post about it.

Background Burner

We tried out their software which was designed for their users to have the ability to create studio quality photos without spending money on a photographer or studio.


The free tool was really easy to use, although uploading pictures was slow and tedious. You have to do it one by one, and that’s quite time-consuming. Besides that, we never quite got the desired result, at least not right off the bat. The app would give us a few different options to choose from, none of them with a precise result, so we had to additionally correct each photo individually with their editing tools. Although the edges were smooth, overall we weren’t pleased with the process.

Use of the app is free, but you do need to log into (or create) a Bonanza account if you wish to download your altered photo.
In conclusion, if you want to doctor a pic of your friend for laughs, go ahead, but if you want to actually sell something in an online marketplace, better spring for something more worthwhile.

Professional Edition: a different story altogether. It splits into 2 different services:

  • DIY (self-reviewing and editing) web user plan
  • Automated private user plan

In both you must purchase credits on a monthly plan, working on the common “pay more get more” method. Unfortunately the credits do not “roll over” to the following month.

The self-service plan is fairly priced, but still involves a lot of work on behalf of the user.
The private user plan is very hassle-free, where you send them your images and get them back within “24 hours”. Disappointingly, when we tested out the service and sent 500 pictures, it took them 9 days to come back… Prices depend on which plan you choose of course.


The quality of images was surprisingly high.
Overall, out of the many various image categories, half to three quarters of the pictures came back without the need for touch-ups or just a small fix.
One thing we encountered though is the lack of the software to identify pictures that “don’t qualify” for background removal. This means that any image inserted into the “machine” will get a result even if the image is not suitable for a whitened out background, thus wasting your credits.

In the images below: Image on the left – Malabi background eraser, one result, but perfect. On the right- Bonanza Burner, a number of results, all required touch-ups.

Compared to Malabi
  • X Credits are time limited and don’t roll over – no such limiting mechanism with Malabi Background Remover
  • X Lower quality in automatic fixing – Malabi Background Remover keeps the quality level also in high volumes of auto processing
  • X Relatively high price per image – Malabi Background Remover ha a ridiculously low price compared to all other competitors
  • X No distinction between fixable and non-fixable (incompatible) images – Malabi Background Remover has a classifier that filters out good images and non-fixable images.
  • X Long processing time (24 hour service took much longer) – Malabi Background Remover can process millions of images daily.

Clipping Magic

A straightforward, standalone and semi-automated background removal platform. Quick and precise, but only partially automated, requiring user editing for every image.


Web user plan offers 3 different packages from $4-$15 monthly, with a relatively small amount of credits. There is also the option to use the API and have a service provider integrate the Clipping Magic capabilities into other services. In this service monthly credits do not roll over.


Unlike the Malabi Remove background tool, here the background removal is not an automated process, hence not instant. The user has to manually choose the foreground and background. Once marking the foreground and background of the image (actually quite fun and relaxing), the Clipping Magic algorithm automatically cuts out the selected object and whitens out the rest. Results are extremely quick and precise!

Overall, a great photo editor for novices who don’t have the know-how for Photoshop or any other professional photo editing program, but when it comes to ecommerce and online marketplaces, there are more efficient applications out there.

Compared to Malabi
  • X Not automated – time consuming and not scalable for large quantities, while with Malabi Background Remover you can process hundreds of images in less than 2 minutes.
  • X Complex UI – bad for medium-large ecommerce sellers that prefer not dealing with image editing

Closing Statement: The tests and conclusions by the group of graphic designers helped us understand and confirm our biggest strength: our algorithms. Able to dish out high volumes of high quality images at high speeds. Our API can process millions of images daily, and that’s a one of a kind solution for any sized platform.

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