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Malabi API – New Color Adjustment Features

In Malabi we understand that you need the most professional images to gain the edge over your competitors and get the highest conversion rates possible. We understand that you need more than just a clear white background, and we know that you want it all done in one place and with one API call. That is why we introduced the new color adjustment features to our API.

Same API, new features.

If you have already integrated the Malabi API into your system, it will take you only a few seconds to take advantage of our new features. No need to upgrade to a newer version or change any existing calls. Just add a flag or two to your request to instantly see the results.


What do we have for you

The new feature set includes two automatic modes: automatic brightness and automatic contrast. The advanced algorithms behind those automatic features were designed and finely tuned to enhance e-commerce images without compromising the integrity of the color or visual appearance of the product. That is why you can be 100% sure that the automatically tuned images will be more appealing and will yield higher conversion rates without the risk of a misleading product image.
Use our novel algorithm to control the contrast and bring alive the textures of wood, fabric and other materials. 
Use the tunable Sharpening feature to make fine details jump out and make your products look amazing. Notice how the fine engravings on this belt buckle become clearer after sharpening has been applied. 
Make the colors of your product brighter and more accurate, by setting the vibrance and saturation values.

Now it’s your turn

Whether you need to bulk process your images after a photo shoot day that came out too dark, or you want to manually tune and enhance each and every iamge, Malabi API’s new tool set gives you the perfect solution for your images. 
Take it for a spin on our API or set up a meeting with our customer success managers to demo the new features. 

Author: The Malabi Team


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