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Start an Online Store Without Any Skills, Money or Product

Sounds impossible right? Well actually it’s really easy. Nowadays there are so many ecommerce sites, tools, apps and add-ons, each of them created by a plethora of different startups that came up with their own idea of how to make online sales more accessible, simplified and easier.

Almost anyone can manage and operate an online store, in a matter of minutes by merely inputting a few preferences. Here we will lay out a few examples of such tools that will demonstrate how ridiculously easy it is to set up an online store.

You don’t need to start from scratch

Yeah, a while back, before Zuckerberg celebrated his Bar-Mitzvah, you needed at least a basic background in coding and web development to build a basic site, heaps more to build an online store.

Today you can easily open shop with a platform such as Wix, which allows you to build and customize your own website, or you can use a more convenient and sales dedicated model like Shopify, with a basic design outline specifically tailored for e-commerce.There’s even a new startup called The Grid. In their impressive video they claim that their platform will automatically start a website or online store for you, after entering only a few basic parameters. Apparently it has an adaptive AI that learns your preferences and keeps optimizing the design the more you use it. Sounds really awesome, I submitted a request for the beta version and will keep you posted.

Nothing to sell? No worries

Basically you can be a middleman (or woman), without you ever handling the product you’re selling. Here are two available options you should get familiar with:

Drop Shipping – No need to stock or handle any merchandise! Transfer customer orders and shipment details to either a manufacturer, another retailer or a wholesaler in any field from anywhere in the world, who will ship the goods directly to the customer. You can simply profit from the difference. Just make sure to thoroughly check your supplier, making sure they are reliable and punctual.

Affiliation – There are many online sellers that encourage selling their products via a third party (affiliation). This way you too can sell items from almost any store. The only thing you’ll need from them is a ‘Feed’ that updates regularly. You can find many of those in ShareASale, Rakuten and many more. You will have to upload it into your online store via an ‘import’ button or an application, options vary between different store hosting sites. This method helps you avoid not only managing an inventory, but also dealing with shipment entirely.

No marketing experience? No problemo

Any one of the above mentioned platforms and their relatives have built-in marketing apps that take care of everything for you, from SEO down to social media advertising, all made super simple. This way, after uploading any product, you can post it on Facebook instantly and in a click target it directly to your relevant audience according to the settings of the platform you are using. Moreover, you can get your customers to return to your shop by advertising on social networks after they viewed a product but didn’t buy it.

Shipment and Inventory Management – Why bother?

There are a lot of logistics companies out there that will interface with your store simply by you installing their app upon the platform which you are using. ShipWire for example, will store your stock in their warehouses, and upon order they will use the cheapest courier service and send the product to your customer’s door, without you ever having to handle any postage or packaging.

All these are just some of the many tools that will allow you to create a fully operating store in days without any previous knowledge or experience necessary… except for maybe how to find things online. It always helps to be a good analyst, in the event that you start making good sales you’ll know how to preserve and drive the success forward.


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