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Why is a white background so important in E-commerce packshots?

Once, busy was better. There was a clash to catch the attention of potential buyers by all means, and so creative product imagery came into play. Today we have enough noise and distraction in our daily lives as it is, and know that less is more and basic is beautiful.

When it comes to online marketplaces or e-commerce websites, a colorful backdrop may seem eye catching, but in fact it usually drives away consumers. Recent research and A/B testing shows that busy backgrounds make e-shoppers overlook the pictured products and may increase exit and bounce rates.

So what are the main reasons a white background is so preferable?


A white background actually makes the product pop out more, emphasizing the true colors of the product. Besides giving off a professional and aesthetic look, the contrast eliminates distractions and forces the eye to focus on the featured image. Look at the image of the lady with the sunglasses – could you guess what is being sold here? neither do we…

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That’s what the picture’s there for, right? When there’s less clutter, it’s easier to notice other elements in the page, such as the product description, promotions and most importantly the CTA button, which will significantly stand out, begging to be clicked… So yes, probably higher conversion rates. Below you can see a real online shop page before and after background removal.


Removing the background can greatly reduce the file size. Smaller files may mean less storage space for you, but what it should mean is faster image loading! Did you know that loading speed is also one of Google’s SEO factors?


The perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of your business are often judged by design quality. Clean and simplistic just looks better. Consider also brand consistency. Whether selling a single item or an entire catalog, the visuals should speak a language that is invariable.

Don’t get us wrong, we believe all colors are beautiful and encourage outside the box thinking, but when it comes to product image backgrounds, the choice is as clear as black and white…

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