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Why White Background For Your Product Image Will Help You Sell More?

If you sell items online, then you need every advantage to try to increase sales. That includes having a product image for everything so that customers know exactly what they are getting. It has even been shown that images with white backgrounds have far higher success rates of the item being sold. While it might seem easy enough to just take some pictures, it is in your best interest to remove background elements using a background eraser tool so that you are only left with a white background and the item.

Benefits of Using a White Background

White backgrounds are essential for any e-commerce seller. Evidence suggests that images containing a solid white backdrop have a much higher conversion rate. With Malabi, it does not matter if you need to process one image, a hundred or even a thousand. The results are virtually immediate. Another great aspect of Malabi, is its classifier, this method does not waste time with images that do not need it. The technology first classifies the image and then processes it if needed. For instance, if you had a batch of a thousand photos, then some of them may already have a white background, they will stay untouched.

Compared to Other Services

There are certainly other methods for removing unsightly backgrounds, and we’re here to show you Malabi’s advantages. One of the options is Photoshop, but it is unscalable, and it can cost a pretty penny. You can outsource your images to designers that will charge by the image. A business that needs to process hundreds or thousands of images will need to shell out some serious cash. Here also there’s no scalability, an image will be returned after at least 24 hours and only dozens of images can be processed daily (they probably work with Photoshop or similar).

Some e-commerce sellers choose to shoot pictures of their products in front of a white wall or canvas, or you will have to pay for studio time to do everything. There’s also the option to buy a very expensive hardware to take those images in-house. Not to mention you may still need to do some background cleaning afterward in order to get that attractive background you are looking for.

A white background is always the preferred method for any product image being sold, whether it is being placed for sale on Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify or anywhere else. In fact, Amazon has a strict policy of only allowing pictures where the background is completely white.

API for Background Removal

Currently we offer an API for e-commerce platforms, marketplaces and more. We invite you to use our API, and have your users enjoy the advantages of Malabi. Save your customers the money and the hassle in removing the background elsewhere, and keep your online shop look fantastic! With Malabi’s background remover and background eraser tool, there are no inaccurate, one-size-fits-all processes; customizable options are available so that you get exactly what you need.

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